Friday, October 7, 2011

Best Celebrity Home Libraries

It's tough to compete with some of the previous home libraries a la Michael Jackson and Randolph Hearst, but these next five are still impressive!

#6: Diane Keaton

This is from Keaton's Beverly Hills Spanish Colonial-style mansion. I don't know what's written along the top shelf, but the vaulted ceiling, earthy tones, and tiled floor add a certian charm. I half expect a dusty Indiana Jones to come strolling through the door in search of a crystal skull or whatever he's looking for these days.

#7: Oprah

Okay, this one isn't so special, but I added it because...well, it's Oprah's! You think someone who could sell a million books simply by reading the title on her show would have a much grander library, but to be fair, this is probably only one of a dozen she has tucked away in her many different homes. Is that a picture of her and David Letterman on the side table? Nah.

#8: Jane Fonda

Jackson Pollack on the walls and a twenty-foot ladder to reach the top of the bookcase. Awesome. She's come a long way from the Barbarella days!

#9: Aaron Spelling

If you own a $150-million home, chances are you're going to have a pretty impressive library, and Spelling doesn't dissapoint. Massive windows, leather-bound books, a marble fireplace, and a built-in bar. Get a microwave and a TV, and I'd never leave the room! On a side note, with all these books at her disposal growing up, wonder why Tori turned out to be so vacant...

#10: Sting

Detailed paneling, Greek busts, and an ornate ceiling--exactly the feel a library should have. And to top it off, this is the only library on the list that spans two floors!

Finally, had to add the worst celebrity home library. And the razzie goes to.....Kelsey Grammer! Seriously, the guy was making a million an episode and this is the best he can do? I had more books in my university bedroom! Even more, wasn't Frasier supposed to have been the biggest bibliophile of all time? (I bet Norm and Cliff could top this!) Kelsey--you're a sham!

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